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7 Pillars of Mental Health Challange

  • 9Days


Join our 7-day challenge focusing on the 7 pillars of mental wellness! These pillars are the same things that I prioritise every single day to live a happy, high functioning life without pharmaceuticals, even with the diagnosis of bipolar disorder. You don't need a mental health disorder to benefit from this course, these will enhance absolutely anyones life, and if you are struggling with your mental health, this may just be your saving grace. This program is designed to inspire, educate, and engage YOU in improving your mental health. Each day, you will explore a different pillar, and learn tangible ways to improve your mental health through small daily changes. Through a combination of educational content, interactive activities, and self-reflection exercises, you will develop practical skills to enhance your mental health. Whether you're looking to break free from anxiety and depression, manage your stress better, or cultivate a positive mindset, this challenge is for you. With super short (approximately 3-5 minute), accessible videos to watch each day, and an exercise to complete in your own time (5-20 minutes), you don't need to carve much time out of your week to fit in this wellness boost! Take the first step towards a healthier you and join us on this transformative journey.


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