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Heal your Mind,
Without Medication

Are you ready to find calm amongst the chaos, take control of your life, and finally feel like yourself again? 

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Let me guide you to overcome anxiety, step into self confidence, and naturally heal your mind.

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Overcoming Anxiety! 

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Hi, I'm Carleigh

I'm a Holistic Mental Wellness Coach, who empowers high achievers to naturally heal their mind, so they can overcome anxiety, step into confidence and self love, and feel like themselves again! Kick start your healing journey here:

There's a healer inside of each of us...

I'm a mental warrior, yoga lover/teacher, reiki and sound healer, traveller, retreat leader, adventure enthusiast, and super empath (clairsentient), who has naturally healed from crippling anxiety, and mastered living with bipolar disorder.

I'm on a mission to empower YOU to naturally heal your mind, take back control of your life, and fall in love with yourself! If you're ready to find natural healing like I have, to overcome anxiety, and make your mind your superpower, you're in the right place


You can heal your mind, you can transform your life, and I know this because I've done it...

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What people are saying:

"I've been in therapy for years, and believe that sharing your struggles and goals with someone has incredible benefits. The way Carleigh spoke with me, comforted me, and guided me through some very sudden emotional issues was breathtaking..." 

"Carleigh's coaching sessions are amazing, empowering and motivating. She helped me sign up for courses I'd been long putting off, and it definitely helped me to navigate towards a good direction, both short term and long term."

"Carleigh's coaching approach is unlike any other I've experienced. Her empathetic nature is truly healing and remarkable. After our sessions, I feel reenergised and motivated to strive for personal growth. This combination of qualities is a true game-changer..."


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